The Eleanor Guetzloe Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

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In 2008, the CCBD Foundation named its undergraduate scholarship fund in honor of Dr. Eleanor Guetzloe.

This fund continues Dr. Guetzloe's unfailing dedication to special education by providing scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students who are pursuing teaching certification in the area of behavioral needs. Through the teachers it has helped inspire and train, the Eleanor Guetzloe Undergraduate Scholarship has improved the quality of education for students with behavioral needs across the country and beyond.
We hope you will help us honor Dr. Guetzloe's legacy by supporting this scholarship.

Your one-time gift to the Eleanor Guetzloe Undergraduate Scholarship Fund will directly support our annual scholarship program.
Mail your donation to us at the following address:

CCBD Foundation
10 Independence Drive
Merrimack, NH 03053

Make the check out to 'CCBD Foundation', and put 'Guetzloe Scholarship' in the note field.
The CCBD Foundation receives many donations that cannot fit into a simple giving category, such as gifts of stock, real estate, or estate / probate giving.

We are always happy to discuss any idea you have in mind. To talk with us about other giving options, contact us at

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