What is EBD?

Emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) is a term used in educational settings in the United States to refer to students who are experiencing significant behavioral difficulties at school.

A student's need for behavioral support can have a straightforward cause (e.g., a difference between home and school behavioral norms, a school or classroom without clear expectations, or a history of bullying or other harmful situations), but can also be highly complex in nature, including aspects ranging from the medical to a reflection of problems in wider society. As such, students with behavioral needs include not only those formally identified as EBD by their school, but also a wide range of additional students, including those with autism, ADHD, and other co-occurring disabilities with behavioral components, students with mental health needs, or those in the juvenile justice system.

The CCBD Foundation supports positive interventions for any student experiencing significant behavioral challenges at school, regardless of perceived cause, age of the child or youth, special education status, or the definition or category under which they receive special services.
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